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October 5, 2019. We distributed food to 117 families, comprising 429 persons. ¡THANK YOU / MUCHÍSIMAS GRACIAS! to the Cub Pack 1294 families and to the volunteers from our church and the neighborhood, who helped us distribute food to our neighbors.


Our next distribution will be Saturday, October 19, 2019. Come to the back parking lot of Orangethorpe United Methodist Church, 2351 W. Orangethorpe Ave., in Fullerton, no later than 8:30 a.m. to receive groceries from the mobile pantry of Second Harvest Food Bank.

Please bring a cart, bags or boxes to take your groceries home. We can't predict the quantity or quality of food we will distribute. It usually includes fresh produce. Please examine all food carefully.


Nuestro próximo reparto será sábado, el 19 de octubre del 2019. Ven al estacionamento detrás de la Iglesia Metodista Orangethorpe, 2351 W. Orangethorpe Ave., en Fullerton, no más tarde que las 8:30 a.m. para recibir abarrotes de la despensa móvil del Second Harvest Food Bank.

Favor de traer carreta, bolsas o cajas para llevar tus abarrotes a la casa. No podemos predecir la cantidad o calidad de la comida que distribuimos. Generalmente incluye productos frescos. Favor de escrutinar toda comida con cuidado.


What are we doing here, anyway? Here's our story...

In 2000, Orangethorpe United Methodist Church (OUMC) was a founding member of the West Fullerton Improvement Committee (WFIC), whose mission was:

To strengthen families and the community of West Fullerton with an emphasis on prevention and early intervention by bringing service access and delivery to high risk families.

Early on, it was determined by WFIC members that hunger and malnutrition were a significant threat to the well-being of families in our neighborhood. Ever since 1993, another WFIC participant, Orangethorpe Christian Church (OCC), had sponsored weekly dinners which attracted well over 100 people each Monday evening. But something more was needed. Through its membership in the WFIC, OUMC agreed to use its facility for a monthly food distribution program which began in 2002.

Coordinadora Nedda

As the food distibution program progressed, Pastora Teresa Santillana recognized the importance of the ministry to our mostly Latino neighborhood, so it was appropriate that OUMC's Latino Ministry take over responsibility for supervising the program. (Read Pastora Teresa's comments on this development in the July 2005 issue of La Red.)

When he became our Latino Minister in 2007, Pastor Sergio Camacho reaffirmed the need to continue our participation in the ministry. Over the years, we have been blessed by the leadership of María Rojo, Paco Zúñiga, Giovanni González, Tommy Appleton, and Roberto Navarro who have served as coordinators. In November 2017, after Roberto had served for five years, Nedda Soriano became our coordinator, but Roberto continues to help whenever his busy work schedule permits.

OUMC, as organization of record, contracts with Second Harvest Food Bank (SHFB) to deliver a truckload of food from SHFB's warehouse to the OUMC parking lot. Members of our Latino and Anglo congregations, plus other friends and volunteers, organize the distribution of this food to our neighbors in need. At each distribution, about 100 families receive fresh produce, canned goods, and a variety of packaged groceries. (Read Food For Thought, Second Harvest's quarterly newsletter, for more information about SHFB's mission.)

One delivery each month is paid for through the generosity of employees of St. Jude Medical Center, yet another WFIC participant. From January 2009 through August 2010, a second monthly delivery was paid for by Eastside Christian Church. It is now being sponsored by OUMC, thanks to a generous donation by Griswold Industries.

About 15 volunteers are required to help OUMC's Latino and Anglo members distribute food. Various St. Jude departments supply volunteer workers several times a year. Volunteer groups also come from other churches, youth groups, and community organizations. Even if no group is scheduled, there's never a lack of people willing to lend a helping hand.

In the news! The Fullerton Observer printed an excellent article in its March 2009 issue, by our own Carol Van Ahlers. Elsewhere in the same issue, was another article, Helping Fullerton's Homeless, by Tracy Wood, which mentions Second Harvest and other organizations who reach out to the least fortunate people in our city. A video of a distribution is available on the internet:

Would you like to help? Could you and your friends, or organization, come and unload the truck and hand out the food? If you're interested, please check our schedule to see what dates are available, then call the OUMC office (714.526.8317) and leave your name and phone number!

What's happening now? We hear from lots of people that they're out of work, or have lost their homes or jobs. In 2008, in the wake of a stock market crash, the numbers of people coming for food increased dramatically. Since then, we've had several Saturdays when we've distributed food to more than 200 families. More recently, the numbers of families served has dropped back to about 100 for each distribution, perhaps because there are now several other nearby churches or other organizations which offer regular food distributions. For an example of such a distribution, please visit a page which describes a similar ministry of two United Methodist churches in Anaheim.

Whom do we serve? In August 2016, one of the food distribution volunteers published a very simple, and unscientific, study of the demographics of the people whom we serve at the OUMC web site. About two years later, he compiled a similar study. The numbers had only changed a little. You may or may not find these studies interesting.

Another food ministry! In 2012, we felt the need for an additional food ministry. Pastor Sergio and several of his parishioners started taking home-cooked breakfasts to homeless people under the freeway bridges and in the parks of our neighborhood every Sunday. When the numbers of people being served increased, we began serving breakfast in our church's Fellowship Hall. Some of the food we receive from Second Harvest on Saturday is served for breakfast the next day. This ministry is now known as Agape Café. Please read our May 2014 report on Agape Café which we sent to Second Harvest. And Sharyl Lewis' March 2015 report to our congregation.

In July 2019, Rev. Reynaldo Guevara arrived at OUMC to serve as our pastor, and expressed his support for our ministries, such as these.

Please visit the food distribution photo page at our church's web site to see pictures we took on some typical Saturdays.

June 2015, here are some of the people from OUMC who serve in this ministry, and help keep it going:

Back row: Chuck, María, Roberto, Nedda, Greg
Front row: Jen, María, Kim

OUMC's Latino ministry will continue regular food distributions as long as they are needed. We believe this is a valuable outreach to our community in which we are truly living up to OUMC's mission:

Making a Difference Through Christ!

Jesus said, "For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me... Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me." -- Matthew 25:35, 40.

The information on this page is available at 2h.92833.org and is updated regularly.
Roberto groceries
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Boxes of food, on a rainy day,
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