(Ancient History)

Thank you Dave Johnson! One of the people who did the most, from the beginning of the West Fullerton Improvement Committee until his death in July 2008, to help our neighborhood was our good friend Dave Johnson, who was a giant in more ways than just his physical stature. He not only worked hard at Hot Meal Ministry and at monthly food distributions, but he spoke out tirelessly and fearlessly in favor of the people in our corner of Fullerton. We miss you, Dave! (You can read here a beautiful tribute to Dave Johnson which appeared in the Fullerton Observer.)

As our Saturday morning food distribution ministry progressed, we recorded the names of the groups who helped us pass out food to our neighbors. On its "honor roll" page, we listed only those organizations who had helped out during the last six months. But we preserved the information about previous helpers. (We don't know if all these groups still exist under the same names.) These are the groups or organizations who helped us distribute food in the distant past...

We will continue to maintain this page, preserving here the names of friends, groups or organizations who have helped us more than six months ago.

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